We would love to dream together with you about ways R:TC can partner with your church to help strengthen your discipleship and counseling ministry efforts.  Here are a few areas we have been serving churches over the years.

  • Counseling: 1-1, Couples, children, and families within the church
  • Pre-engagement counseling
  • Marriage checkups for couples
  • Care Culture Training
  • Group counseling (Issue specific and non-issue specific) co-hosted with an elder or church leader.
  • Specific training in areas like abuse, anxiety, depression, psychological diagnosis
  • Consultations with pastors on specific cases in their church
  • Care for church leaders and families
  • Pre-engagement with missionaries before going overseas
  • Missionary check-ins while on the field
  • Furlough meetings with missionaries

For more information, please contact using our contact page.



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